Field of Research "Commentaries and glosses"
Alexander Andrée (Latin): The Glossa ordinaria on the Gospel of John
Barbara Crostini (Ancient Greek): An on-line critical edition of Psalter Vaticanus graecus 752: matching verbal and visual commentaries
Erika Kihlman (Latin): Commentaries on sequences and hymns for the whole liturgical year

Field of Research "Liturgical texts"
Gunilla Iversen (Latin): Tropes et prosules de Gloria in excelsis deo
Brian Møller Jensen (Latin): Lectionarium Placentinum

Field of Research "Collections of model texts"
Eva Odelman (Latin): A semi-critical edition of the Sermones moralissimi de tempore by Nicolaus de Aquaevilla

Field of Research "Anthological compilations"
Alessandra Bucossi (Ancient Greek): Critical Edition of the Sacred Arsenal *(*Ἱερὰ Ὁπλοθήκη) by Andronikos Kamateros
Denis Searby (Ancient Greek): Gnomologium Vaticanum and Related Collections